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Structure of the Foot

The foot is a highly complex structure, containing 26 bones, 29 joints, and 42 muscles. In a lifetime, an average individual will walk around the world more than 4 times - some 115,000 miles. Therefore, it is not surprising that even a "healthy" person can develop many foot problems. Click the view details button to view an MRI scan of the foot.

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What is a Board Certified Pedorthist (C.PED), and what services do they provide?

A C.Ped is a member of the allied healthcare community; a professional trained in both foot anatomy and shoe construction, and qualified to fill prescriptions for footwear and related devices. Pedorthics services are the design, manufacture, fit and/or modification of footwear and foot orthoses to alleviate foot problems caused by disease, overuse, or injury. Aside from a C.PED at Foot Comfort Center, we have a well-qualified team of Orthotic Fitters at each location.

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Philadelphia diabetic shoe store locations

7 Area Locations

We recognize that there is a need for patients to be educated, understood and assisted in their native language. Many of our employees are bi - lingual, able to speak English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. Each of our locations has a wide variety of shoes and sneakers to choose from. Our selection includes shoes in many different widths, colors, styles, and brands.

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*Certain deductibles, co-insurances and/or co-payments may apply.