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Medicare Form for Diabetic Shoes: How to get diabetic shoes at No Cost*

Download Medicare Form for Diabetic Shoes

Step 1: Understand Your Eligibility

If you’re living with diabetes in Philadelphia, you might be eligible to receive therapeutic shoes and inserts. Medicare covers such extra-depth shoes for qualifying individuals, as they’re considered an essential part of diabetic care.

Step 2: Obtain Necessary Documentation

The key to this process is obtaining proper documentation from your doctor. This not only includes a written prescription but also a comprehensive foot exam conducted by a qualified professional, such as an MD or DO.

Step 3: Get the Right Forms

To initiate the process, you need specific forms available to download on this page. These forms pertain to obtaining diabetic shoes and inserts.

Step 4: Filling Out the Forms

Bring the forms to your doctor during your next visit and ask to complete the necessary details. Make sure that all the forms are signed by your primary doctor. These forms serve as proof that your doctor deems it medically necessary for you to receive therapeutic shoes and inserts.

Step 5: Bring Your Completed Forms and Identification

After obtaining the completed and signed forms from your doctor, make sure you have your identification and insurance card available for the visit at Foot Comfort Center. 

Step 6: Visit the Foot Comfort Center

The final step in this process is to bring your completed and signed form, proper identification, and insurance card to one of the 6 convenient area locations in Philadelphia that provide diabetic shoes and inserts. Our staff will guide you through the remaining process.
The dedicated team at Foot Comfort Center is ready to assist you in acquiring your diabetic shoes, along with specially molded pairs of inserts tailored to meet the needs of a diabetic foot.
By following these steps, you can obtain diabetic shoes necessary for maintaining proper foot health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medicare cover diabetic shoes?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) does cover the cost of therapeutic shoes and inserts for people with diabetes who suffer from ‘qualifying’ condition mentioned below. This coverage typically includes one pair of extra depth shoes and 3 pairs of multi-density inserts once every calendar year. Certain deductibles, co-insurances and/or co-payments might apply. 
It’s important to note that the patient must meet certain criteria to be eligible, and the shoes or inserts must be prescribed by either a podiatrist or other qualified doctor, and provided by a podiatrist, orthotist, prosthetist, or pedorthist.
For the most current information, it’s always best to check directly with Medicare or with a healthcare provider.

Who qualifies for diabetic shoes and inserts

In order for an individual to qualify for diabetic shoes through Medicare, they must meet the following criteria:

  1. The patient has diabetes.
  2. The patient has at least one of the following conditions in one or both feet:
    • Partial or complete foot amputation.
    • Past foot ulceration.
    • Foot deformity.
    • Poor circulation.
    • Calluses that could lead to ulcers.
    • Neuropathy with a history of callus formation.
  3. The patient is being treated under a comprehensive diabetes care plan and needs therapeutic shoes and/or inserts because of diabetes.
  4. The shoes are prescribed by a podiatrist or other qualified doctor.
  5. The shoes or inserts are provided by a podiatrist, orthotist, prosthetist, or pedorthist.

A patient is required to have a visit with a doctor within 3 months from the time the shoes are dispensed, addressing the qualifying condition and performing an in-person evaluation. Prescription should be written during this particular visit. It’s always best to check the most current eligibility guidelines directly with Medicare or with a healthcare provider.

How often can you get diabetic shoes and inserts under Medicare?

Medicare Part B coverage for therapeutic diabetic shoes includes one pair of shoes per calendar year. This can be either one pair of custom-molded shoes (if medically necessary) and inserts, or one pair of depth-inlay shoes and inserts.

In addition to the shoes, Medicare also covers two additional pairs of inserts each calendar year for custom-molded shoes, and three pairs of inserts each calendar year for extra-depth shoes.

* Certain deductibles, co-insurances and/or co-payments might apply. Proper medical paperwork is required.